7 Business Ideas That Will Make You Stand Out from the Crowd

Business ideas are a dime a dozen. However, there are few that will truly make people’s heads turn and say “wut?…” with this expression. Rather than hoarding these ideas for myself, I felt generous enough to share with everyone who cares to read them. Feel free to use these ideas, and please let me know if I’ve inspired you to start a business with one of them!


Next-Gen Sportswear Technology

Sports is all about pushing boundaries on human performance. Therefore, sportswear selection is important in giving athletes that slight edge to win championships and break records. One variable that sportswear manufacturers try to optimize is weight, always trying to get as close to zero-weight as possible. Well, I think it’s time we push that boundary with this new innovative idea. Instead of moving closer to zero, retailers should start focusing on moving further away from it. Into the negatives that is… Introducing helium-filled garments to give athletes every advantage possible, making them literally fly past the competition! They are also sure to fly off shelves in a store near you.

helium idea

FitBit For Pets

Everyone loves their pets. However, no one likes awkward conversations, even if they are necessary. This is where FitDoge and FitCat come to the rescue. If your pet starts developing unhealthy habits, you no longer need to have an intervention with your pet to get them to start working out. Instead, you can buy them a FitPet product for their birthday. Good thing dog years are so doggone short. Their birthdays are always just around the corner! FitPet products will game-ify workouts for your pets, motivating them to gain internet points and compete against their pupper and doggo friends. Who’s a good boy now?! Humans are for buying FitPet products!

Next Level ________-Share App

Undershirts are annoying to deal with. After washing and drying, there are so many you have to fold before you can put them away! The solution to this problem is undershirt-sharing. Since undershirts are practically a fungible commodity, you should just outsource your undershirt ownership to someone else who can take advantage of economies of scale to wash and maintain undershirts for the whole neighborhood. Just place your dirty undershirts in a bag on your front doorstep and someone will replace them with clean ones by the time you get home from work! Let’s just hope you aren’t wearing the same undershirt stinky Pete wore last week.

Innovative Restaurant Concept

Restaurants is a tough business to get into. In addition to long hours, margins are razor thin and the competition is full of copycats. Just think of Chipotle when they introduced their innovative burrito bowl concept to the world. They took the fast food market by storm and looked like an indomitable 800-pound gorilla. A couple of years later, there are a bunch of successful copycats making burritos and bowls with various ethnic flairs. No wonder why millennials are broke! Well, I have a great idea that will be the next paradigm shift in the fast casual industry. With this idea, you can relive Chipotle’s glory days. I hope you don’t squander this opportunity.

Millennials love pizza. If you don’t believe me, Google it! The convenience and taste factors are unparalleled to any other foods out there. However, one limitation of pizza is that if you order a pie, you get to enjoy only one flavor for your whole meal. To solve this problem, you can start your own pizza joint that serves multicourse pies. The first couple slices will be the appetizer slices, maybe with some calamari or jalapeno poppers as toppings. The second set of slices will be the soup or salad slices, depending on what the customer choses. Third will be the main course where you can get really creative with the toppings. Finally, you’ll have the dessert slices to finish off a great meal. I really hope someone turns this idea into reality because I am curious to try it out!

Practicing Safe Drinking

Before getting into this, I really think this is a bad idea. I hope no one turns this into a real product as no real good can come of it. I was initially going to remove this idea from the post but decided to keep it as a reminder to everyone that this is a BAD IDEA!

Drinking is a bit of an art. It can be difficult to determine how much you can safely drink while maintaining a fun buzz. This new device will get rid of all that hassle and guesswork for you. It will inject alcohol directly into your circulatory system, maintaining a steady blood alcohol content to allow you to have fun without getting too drunk! It will have the same cutting-edge technology that closed-loop insulin pumps have, so you know it’s safe. Now the real trick is to somehow convince the FDA of that…

Historical Reality Glasses

As much as some people deny it, historical tours are boring. The tour guide talks on and on about famous things that occurred at a given location, forcing you to imagine how the events played out in your head. This is no longer the case with historical reality glasses. Now you can see Paul Revere riding his horse on I-93 North, charging through oncoming traffic informing commuters, “the British are coming!”. Just be careful about wearing it for long periods of time. You may start thinking history is the present reality and the present reality is the future, especially if future reality glasses also exist. I hope that wasn’t too confusing.

Disrupting Disruptive Technology

Sometimes, you don’t have a problem to solve. Rather, you have an innovative solution you don’t quite know what to do with yet. That’s what this next idea is about. To put it simply, it is a 3-D printed self-driving drone that takes users on a virtual reality ride and is controlled by AI built using blockchain technology on a quantum computing platform. Oh, and it also tells time. There just might be a few glitches during daylight savings. If you build it, they will come. Investors that is… Well, hopefully..

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3 thoughts on “7 Business Ideas That Will Make You Stand Out from the Crowd”

  1. I would like a tracker for my cat’s toy mice because they always disappear. Is that a possible business idea?
    Also I like the historical reality glasses idea.


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